Thursday, December 28, 2006

Word on the street is that El Ocho is in secret training for another shot at the Creampuff. He got his knickers in a twist when he heard the course was going to be a single loop. He might want to consider keistering a shiv and a change of underwear.

Rumour has it that Sasquattle has heard of El Ocho's intentions and is warm for Ocho's from.

Even if El Ocho completes his Tonkin man-crush beard before the Puff, Sasquatch will know it's El Ocho and not Tonkin when the race clock goes into the double digits and Ocho's all weak and wobbly kneed. It'll all be over but the crying.

Poor El Ocho will probably wind up looking like this.

Sasquatches forest prison bitch.

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