Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Blanco Suavester has just about had it with this shit. It seems the only days I get to ride look like this. No fun at all. You can have all of the gear, but when a good half of your allotted ride time is taken up by the layering and dressing, well fuck that. I need to go skiing or some other type of nordic shit where at least you get to huff wax fumes to get ready. Maybe that's why I love gluing tubulars so much. At least with skis you get to use them right away. It's a 24 hour wait in the old sew-up test ride.

With this weather and the holidays, I need to have this sign posted at the Blanco's work and home. I don't even go into the garage to work on the bikes anymore. I'm really sneaking out so as to get the old fashioned "secret drunk" on. Well, not really, but if I linger a bit to much in the Man Cave it keeps me from hanging more garland or some other Santa shit.

Piss and Moan. Piss and Moan. Man, just when a guy gets a good pity party started, this kind of weather happens, and suddenly JohnfuckingDenver is chirping about sunshine and shoulders some other shit. If this high pressure front, as the weathermen like to say,is coupled up with a kitchen pass and no wind, then say it ain't so , but I'm going riding. It even fell on the weekend, imagine! I figure I'm pissed for the rest of the year, but oh well, the rest of the year ain't here yet and I have an hour and a half to try and stretch into two without getting on the shit list!

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