Monday, June 18, 2007

Sangria De Suave

That’s the goo that’s stuck to the sheets in the guest bedroom. The sheets were previously stuck to the Suave himself, thanks to a high-speed get off during the Thursday nighters. Old Blanco decided to launch up the Dooley with two to go and midstream was slammed to the ground by a skip in the drive train. I don’t know what happened. The chain is intact, the freehub engages normally, and the bike was shifting fine. All I know is one second I’m feeling all Boonen-tastic and the next second I’m trying to cheese grater every square inch of my left side with ¼” chip seal. It makes old Blanco a bit gun shy about putting the power down. Not that the power will be getting put down anytime soon with the large amount of scabbage on the posterior that needs to heal first. But still, I need to have some confidence in the Suave Sprint. I’m not exactly going to out climb the group. If I’m going to do well at all, then I’m going to have to trust putting the watts down in big legged bursts and not have to worry about scraping myself along the pavement. The crappy thing is that it happened at high speed and under power. No way of replicating that except for being at high speed and under power. I’d feel a little safer if it had been something like left had slow speed turns or in the 34/25 while doing a leisurely 60 RPM’s. Nope, I get to go out and try and make it happen again at race speed on hard pavement. It makes me wish cross could be here sooner. Sure, the equipment is largely the same, but you answer me this, would you rather wreck in your front yard or in your driveway? Yeah, I thought so.

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